I felt the programme was extremely beneficial for our students and was different from a lot of programmes on the market currently. Feedback from staff centred around the fact that topics were spoken about which are not commonly discussed in school environments but are a significant factor in schools. Overall this was a great programme which I would highly recommend to other schools.

Riverbank Academy

The session was really good, it made us more aware of the differences between nationality, race and ethnicity.

It was informative, and the activity on cultural perception was eye opening - I could not believe it.

It was good and I learnt lots about racism and about what is acceptable in different cultures.

The session was good and Raymond explained everything really well. It was fun and had everyone taking part.

I learnt that you can’t judge someone from their looks - we did this with the trainer and were so wrong.

President Kennedy School

Raymond’s talk was thought provoking and engaging for the students. They enjoyed the presentation and activities as they were interactive.  It certainly made them stop and think. He was great; really good with the children; friendly; informative and approachable.

Poynton High School

Raymond came in to deliver a session at our centre and the youngsters responded well to him. He delivered an interested session on discrimination, and in particular, cultural prejudices i.e. racism, homophobia and so on. The youngsters debated their views and differences in an environment where they felt safe to do so. These are the discussions youngsters need to be having in order to combat the problem.

Positive Youth Foundation

We were really happy with the session about British Culture that Raymond ran during our Welcome to Warwick programme. His session was engaging, thought-provoking and helpful for both our home and international students and clearly showcased the knowledge of working and communicating across cultures.

Warwick University

From our point of view, our staff have said that the workshop was really good and would definitely look to use you again. It really engaged the kids and was very relevant to the work that we do.

Potters Foundation (Stoke)

I thought the presentation was very well pitched to the target audience, I also liked the way you got both the young people and coaches engaged. Using your own personal story and experiences also worked to break the ice and enable young people to consider how they stereotype individuals. The slides you used also enabled the session to be interactive and encouraged the young people to get actively involved with their thoughts and opinions.

Liverpool FC Foundation

The sessions were very engaging. The participants got a lot from the session and you could see the change when they started to understand why they have preconceptions and how it leads to issues such as hate, exclusion, bullying, violence -the list goes on-. The visuals engaged them immediately and after that, they participated well and expressed their views and concerns, all while respecting the different opinions around them. We look forward to running these sessions again.

City College

Fair Action delivered a session to around 80 students across two sessions. The session was very impactful and greatly enjoyed by our students. British values was covered in a way that engaged the whole group. Raymond was  exceptional in his delivery and his story was very powerful. Due to the nature of his story it adds so much value to the delivery. I would highly recommend this session to any other school. We are looking forward to having him return to deliver future sessions.

Sidney Stringer Academy

The students really enjoyed the session the other day, especially the part where you asked them to work out where in the world the pictures were from and then got the chance to judge yourself (stereotype).  They found the session informative and fun as it was delivered in a different style to what they are familiar with, but at the same time reinforced information they have already covered.
The content of the session was very eye opening for the learners and got them thinking about how they perceive others and communicate with them.

Henley Campus

A really good and exciting talk, presented very cleverly. It made me think a lot and I learnt a lot from it.

Since the talk I have noticed more prejudice and I’ve tried my best to correct it.

Since the talk I have noticed when I’ve judged people and made stereotypical assumptions, so I’ve tried not to let these take hold.

It really changed the way I view the world.

I would definitely recommend this session to other young people.

Blue Coat School

The interactive and well-pitched workshop on equality is highly relevant and a hot spot area that is sorely needed in grassroots. It provided an opportunity to unpick and take a more forward-thinking approach towards sport. No sooner after leaving the workshop had one participant corrected his own language, an immediate impact that he had clearly taken something from the session.

Manchester United Foundation

Quite often students shy away from discussing issues around discrimination with the fear of being labelled by peers, this delivery stripped back stereotypes allowing students to form & provide their opinion.

The Arsenal Foundation